Tuesday, May 8, 2007

swiss diplomatic connections...shhhh

swindubaby and we are just overwhelmed with this worldy connection and generosity of friends. baby gifts from switzerland arrived yesterday from my mayday baby-bullish partner in crime, annemarie and her darling rony.

switzerland, the land that everyone thinks i moved to. since no one really knows where sweden is, but everyone has heard of switzerland...home of chocolate and all things diplomatic oh and yes, those alps. my first taste of switzerland came from a packet of swiss miss hot chocloate that i used to eat instead of drink..but childhood issues aside....madame annemarie has sent some very fun/creative/practical gifts...as expected from a great mind. we bulls stick together.

how the heck do i know a chick in switzerland? Well, for that we must thank that sassy sellman, Tracy..she used to work with annemarie at a swiss based co. in the OC. They became friends..kept in touch and then a few yrs. ago while miss annemarie was loitering in laguna, i met her with the sellmans and lets just say, an instant taurean friendship was born. Taureans are pretty good that way. So we kept in touch, I moved to Sweden, we met again in England for Jim & Sarahs wedding 2 yrs. ago and got to meet her tall half (heh heh), Rony. Rony and JP became fast friends at the wedding-since they both knew no one else and felt lost, they took refuge in trying to communicate their frustrations over some pints and not understanding british humor too well.

the swiss treats that arrived were: a hillarious bib, cute socks, tiger rattler, ergonomically cool bottle, bandana, spoon/fork set and a traditional swiss cow with bell (so cool).

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