Monday, May 21, 2007

may 21 : santa barbara to sweden

received some thoughtful gifts from a lady i truly admire for her tough style with a goddess heart. i speak of none other than madame tina long. my bosses boss at one time who became a good friend thanks to the shared sense of humor and dislike of 'thong enthusiasts' (you had to be there to get that one). she now lives in the calm serene of santa barbara, much to the envy of many im sure. she has a calm shanti about her that makes her a complete soul for great advice and friendship.

miss tina sent along a humorous book for guiding me thru the first year - which im certain to enjoy and a boppy cover that i liked and had on my wishlist! its so nice and colorful and had an indian feel to it, hence i think i liked it.

so thank you tina! swindubaby shall benefit from your thoughtfulness thru the miles :)

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