Sunday, May 13, 2007

my fancy friend - ginny

the girlfriend connection reaches worldwide -as ive mentioned before and coast to coast in the grand 'ol US of A.

my friend Ginny, orginally from florida, lived in paris, newport beach, san francisco and now the great big apple-manhattan. we met during her stint as a paper rep in the OC and the professional relationship turned personal as we found out we enjoyed each others company and had our dear honeypie richard along for a fun gang indeed. well madam ginny, the fashion designer extrordinaire has an eye for clothes and all things trendy and has sent some ultrariffic soft goodies from baby gap. every piece has been chosen with care, i can feel it and its in a range from newborn to 6mths! how nice!!!! i miss the gap terribly and am so happy that swindubaby will be clad comfy & stylishly. the camouflage leggings are crazy cute and as she and i discussed...if swindubaby turns out to be a boy, we can just nip off the lace or not. ;) the red track suit is reversible...oh so cute. clothes shopping is too fun & cute..i can feel it!!!!

then another thing madame ginny introduced me an expensive treat..which is Kiehls products. an institution of americana of course and oh sooo rich. she has been toooo generous in sending baby cremes/cleanser and a few products for called silk groom which is too, too good to tame curly hair and me!!!!!

and as if that wasnt enough, she has sent something i will definitely use while in the magazines!!! i will need reading material and this qualifies as that for me as i'm a magazine addict, so i thank you for that weighty treat :)

thank you fancy friend...a term coined by my parents that just holds true through time..we'll always have a chuckle with that.

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