Thursday, May 17, 2007

the birth bead arrival

the birthing beads of positive energy and strength have arrived! the Complete Strand for use in Baby Showers and Blessingway Ceremonies to be added to by guests, friends, and loved ones: 7 semi-precious beads representing the seven Chakra Energy Centers within the body.

well, saying i was completely speechless and happy would be an understatement to getting the most amazing gift anyone can receive....specially chosen beads by many of my near and dear friends for me to have when i give birth and for my journey now as a 37 week pregnant woman. to feel the presence of all of you here so physically far, but spiritually close is very special to me. and i thank you for it.

the notes sent with the beads from each of you was very heartfelt and i was just driven to tears while reading them and by reading the letter tracy wrote to me as to how and why she came up with this beautiful way to celebrate me and the new life about to come into this world. i'd be lying if i didn't say that at times i was feeling alone-without having friends around for physical support and to see me in my growing glory - but the arrival of these beads immediately put to rest all those feelings as i felt like everyone was right here in my little town of nykoping. so it was just what i needed and im so grateful to have received it.

here's a geographic and historical reference of each friend that sent a bead:

[ hilda hayes ] mission viejo, california : my 2nd mom from south africa, girl scout leader extrordinaire : mother to my best friends keri & sheena

[ ella troutman ] berkeley, california : fun-filled daughter of keri and big sister to newborn hayn troutman

[ christina maez ] gilbert, arizona : my best friend from college at ASU, hottie half punjabi and new mother to isabella :)

[ elizabeth ploppert ] idaho : former co-worker at ingram micro in orange county and fellow design group board member

[ dina mcmillin ] tustin, california : former co-art director at ingram micro and fellow taurean with a killer baking talent and mother of two darling boys sean & evan :)

[ keri troutman ] berkeley, california : my best friend since i was 5, partner in crime in girl scouts and mom to hayn & ella

[ shannon leonard ] venice, california : former co-worker at ingram micro, warm spirited, creative bead goddess

[ marinka roehl ] chandler, arizona : college friend, croatian hottie and loves jason patrick

[ sheena panchak ] ladera ranch, california : younger sis of keri and the kid i used to beat up as a child, proud mom of two girls daryn & kelsey

[ tina long ] santa barbara, california : former co-worker at ingram, all-round goddess and just gets me like i get her

[ daryn panchak ] ladera ranch, california : 3-yr.old (soon) daughter of sheena and cute as a button with those big blue eyes!

[ sue segade ] laguna niguel, california : former co-worker at mbd design and fellow cat lover who took care of my dear siamese sushi despite his mysterious ways and soon to be proud grandmother :)

[ sarah kerr ] olney, england : my brit bud and wife of fellow mission viejo wannabe, jim, lover of all things giraffey and my supplier of the best tea by fortnum & mason :)

[ tracy sellman ] plymouth, minnesota : my carpool buddy while at ingram who turned into my goddess friend, choc.chip cookie supplier, OC runaway and mother of adorable roland :)

[ doreen caldera ] boston, mass : my first boss at my design internship in phoenix as a student and current design goddess at her own firm, saltworks.

[ donna kadell ] san ramos, california : my graphic design cubical neighbor while at ingram my first time round with whom i just always stayed in touch with, who made the move to northern calif. after being an oc skater/surfer brat :)

[ kelly early ] orange, california : my ivory sister from another mister, seriously, we're the same person in different shades, im funnier but she's got better shoes. i should have met kelly in girl scouts but we ended up meeting as designers the late 90s.

[ paul caldera ] boston, mass : husband of doreen and partner boss at my first internship, good, honest italian-american and dog lover

[ viktoria bjorn ] nykoping, sweden : my only swedish friend in sweden and im lucky!

[ annemarie wyder ] switzerland : my mayday bday friend whom i met thru tracy and just kept in touch with and now we're euro neighbors :)

i got viktoria's bead in person...cause, well she doesn't need to fly to meet me, just drive down the street :) so i share the bead giving moment :)

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