Friday, June 1, 2007

june 1 : one week old!!!!

yes, friends...i have emailed most of you about our little arrival...but here it is officially on the web.

VANYA SOMESHWAR : 2.3kg : 45cms long: was born on may 25th at 2:25am at nykoping lasarett.
very healthy and happy and calm

mama and papa are proud, happy and blessed to have such a beautiful girl.

the gifts keep rolling in for swindubaby i.e. vanya...and i must say we are a bit overwhelmed.
for anyone still wanting to send us something...i'd like to more clothes...we are full up with so many wonderful clothes from all of you...and she is a bit on the small its going to be awhile before she even fits into all of it.

we came home on may 29 at 15:00 and her grandparents arrived from bangalore that same night. so it was a full day!

now we are at one week today...and things are going well...adjusting to all the new changes and roles.

we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support, love and supplies!!!! :)

more later!!!

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