Friday, June 8, 2007

from the frechette!

kadie a fine female from whom i received some über cute gifts for vanya.

who is kadie? yes, anyone and everyone wants to know. well this chick came from new hamphsire to the OC and got a culture shock of her life when i started working with her at an ad agency in newport beach. little miss kadie had never experienced anything indian in her life and found the way i talked to my parents (when they called) hillarious! i change my accent when i talk to them and sound like apu's cousin. and she was in splits with certain names...and situations that just fascinated her. so it was fun to see a spark in someone who was honestly just curious and interested in something new. i remember there was even a few parental 'marriage set up' situations that were wuite colorful now that i look back on them.

anyway...kadie is a tough cookie, super fit and sunky mom of two cute kids and now lives in rancho santa margarita, california...kadie you want me to give out your soc. security number as well? heh heh....

kadie has sent the ONLY pair of shoes miss vanya has received...that are sooo cute..with giraffes on them ( sarah kerr is drooling - i know) and a long sleeve onesie that is super soft and perfect sized for when we make it to india in december - good for mosquito control with the long sleeves. and a pooh blankie toy that sits in vanya's crib as we speak...or write :)

thank you kadie!!!!! your friendship thru the years has been soo nice to have and im thankful for email that keeps us in touch. so now we have motherhood as well to keep us in cahoots!!!!

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