Saturday, June 9, 2007

loving gifts from madame lewis

bobbi a designer friend of mine that lives in los angeles and has sent some outrageously hillarious and fabulous presents for swindubaby a.k.a. vanya :)

bobbi is an abfab designer for trader joes ( shop created by god and loved by me dearly ) and has sent trinkets from there and an assortment of gifts, each of which made me smile from ear to ear and laugh as well. vanya's FIRST levis!!!!!!! who'd thunk they made baby sizes??!! and a hootchi mama top that will be worn with a tshirt when in india of course (dont want the authorities after us). products from wry baby...which are obviously for the creative minded and hillarious...and can be found at: a place in Monrovia called Suburban Martini. It's this little "round the way" store with fun, kitschy gift items and vintage clothing.

then bobbi has sent a unique gift..a trader joe's signature recycled plastic bag...which is gorgeous in itw own right with its fantastic designs and color schemes...and in sweden taking your own bag to the grocery store is the norm and we will be looking stylish...and bobbi informed me that this bag has been selling like hotcakes and is hard to get your hands on and it even has blogs talking about it and its coolness...only in america, folks :)

trader treats...nuts and chocolate...need we say more?

bobbi and i met when she joined the first ad agency i worked at in irvine, calif....and we've just kept in touch admist the moves and the fact that bobbi hated going down past the OC since she is now a bonafied LA chiquita banana. :) gotta lov the bobster!!!

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