Sunday, April 8, 2007

:cribs: swedish style

well, after much searching and thinking...a trip to the largest IKEA (stockholm) in the world yesterday proved to be the place where swindubaby would get it's crib. its basic, its white and its just right. thank goodness i married someone who actually enjoys putting furniture/things together...because i've NEVER had the patience to put together anything from IKEA.

the crib : hensvik :

i've always loved the odd names IKEA comes up with. although a lot of the words are 'swedish' - but thats something i know now. before it was just funky! we haven't bought any bedding yet and have no color schemes to follow, so if any friends have a yearning to send sheets, im sure we'll be more than happy to use them. from what i've heard from my 'mama' friends, bedsheets can be something of a major necessity with the many cleanup sessions :)

the mattress : sultana blunda :

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