Monday, April 2, 2007

christina : from its a dry heat, arizona : april 2

christy..christy..christy...what can i say?
good golly its BOPPY!

thank you...thank you..thank you! and baby papsan? too much!!!

we are overwhelmed with your kindness and baby gifts...and know that you now are in the midst of all that we will be soon, taking care of new baby. christy & mike are parents to beautiful, 4 week old isabella.

christina is my best friend from my college days at asu. we were neighbors in tempe,az that became friends for life. i wouldn't have had the time of my life there if fate hadn't shined the rental gods on me to live at the Quadrangles complex and have us meet. christy and her husband mike also made the ultimate trip to visit us last year here in sweden in march when it was minus 22 degrees! now for the desert folks..that's frigid!

thank you for visiting us and thank you for your generous gifts for our soon to be swindubaby. he/she will be eagerly waiting to visit his/her arizonian cousin, isabella soon :)

thank you maez's and look out for that crane!

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