Wednesday, April 25, 2007

april 25 : another desert delivery

zahra and shaelin : my friends from arizona sent some very cute items for swindubaby today!
an album, softer than soft bib, softer than soft yellow overall and blue/green top. thank you!!!

what can i say about these sisters? they are too sweet and always smiling and taking one million photos! heh heh.
zahra sat behind me in our first class/first day of college at ASU. it was english class and it was evident then that she wanted to be my friend-since she sat right behind me, when there were so many other chairs to choose from! hah! but seriously, that was the begining of a very special friendship and her sister shaelin just had to be part of our fun as well! but i think thru the years shaelin and i developed a special friendship as we were the only ones that never had serious boyfriends and figured we would be spinsters on rocking chairs for the rest of our lives! drama queens, yeah you can say that. and now we see that both of us have found our prince charmings and are as happy as can be!

my years in arizona were fun thanks to these girls and even after i graduated and left the dry heat we managed to travel to istanbul and athens for a weeks worth of memorable fun in the mediterranean! a trip we will NEVER forget. efendum!

thank you dear friends for your friendship and this lovely gesture for swindubaby :)

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