Thursday, July 26, 2007

skater princess

the vans...its gotta be the vans. can u believe they make vans in baby sizes? well...miss donna kadell, my dear friend sent miss vanya a pair. and can i just say, they rock?!?!

donna kadell is a OC friend of mine that is currently creating havoc in san ramon, northern california. she is a top notch designer that i met while at ingram micro and we happened to be cube neighbors. if anyone needs a cube neighbor, donna is the best. she laughed at all my jokes, and thats really all that i require for friendship. cause when u do that, it shows you have good taste. jokes aside (hah hah). donna and i learned that we did both share the same sense of humor and love of cats and perfumes...i mean we really know our perfumes and perfume bottles. so we continued our friendship thru the years and as with all my friends..we keep in touch via email and its been greeeeeat!

donna is a true friend, cause she actually mailed extremely heavy products from johnson and johnson via regular thats some postage my dear. i would've put that on the slow boat to china..but hey..whats a few bucks between friends.

we love the shoes and as u can see from the pic, vanya wore them and i think she looks like a skater karate kicking mama. she's asleep but i wouldn't dare wake her. thanks again donna, you're too swell.

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