Wednesday, July 18, 2007

sheena : queen of the orange county jungle

what can i say about sheena? she's the younger sis of my best/oldest (since kindergarten) friend keri..and when i was about 8 or 9 i told her bluntly that i didn't like kids-meaning 'her'!!! it was funny then and funny now. as adults and now moms, we share a lot in common and have become closer and nicer to each other.

sheena is mom to two cutie tots named daryn and kelsey and has her hands full of girliness! she has sent baby vanya the cutest pink parade of gifts from her very first dress to some very warm and cuddly pink winter wear with matching pink ugg like boots. plus some tan boots to wear while lounging around in her humble abode. we love it all and cant wait to grow bigger to fit into them...something to look forward too indeed. thank you!!!

i was also the best bridesmaid sheena could have ever asked for...i mean who else would pick a fight with another bridesmaid and almost make matters worse? ahhh youth and carelessness...long gone...we can only hope!!!!

im hoping our kids can all meet one day and laugh & play!

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