Saturday, March 10, 2007

hilda hayes : march 10

a special day (our 3rd anniversary-california style)

and today we received a special package from my beloved hayes family : pat & hilda.
they are my 2nd parents as i've known them since i was 5 yrs. old and hilda was one of my girl scout troop leaders and knows all the shenanigans we girls got into. the sweetest people i know and am glad to call family.

hilda has knit me a most beautiful blanket and cap for baby and i teared up as i saw it : such a heartfelt gift, i thank you. and 2 very cute onesies & soft gowns, that will be very useful.

thank you so much!


Bruce H said...

Awsome news.....

Mister Big

Bruce H said...

Just trying to make this work... I'm really happy to see your family "happening"

Take care of yourself and keep us posted... nice blog too.. something that's meaningful....


yams said...

thanks m.big :)