Sunday, March 25, 2007

old navy

well, as im at a very large stage in my life...and the seasons are slowly transitioning here from winter to spring..i'm understanding that i can no longer wear my large winter coats (as much as i'd like to) and finding a lighter coat is becoming a task. so, i did find this 'bargain' that would seem to hold me over till swindubaby arrives. just a little coverage, well lets be honest, a lot of coverage for this mamini!

old navy, bargain online, so im not sure if its available for the $17.99 steal at the actual stores. XL to be safe.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there how the heck are you! Pregers! Oh BAYBY. Congratulations, Yamini pretty darn awesome! Hope the family is all doing GREAT! Remember the Lennar voice over? Man we laughed so hard at so much stuff, those were good times. Can wait to see the photos!!